Rent a car or take your own?

Here is the big debate! What am I risking in this situation? The SAAQ mentions that you must "come with a safe vehicle in good mechanical condition. 

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Rent a car - SAAQ exam - pandemic

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about our car rental services during the pandemic.

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Lean how to park your car for your exam - rent a car for your exam

Your SAAQ road test is fast approaching? You've mastered it all, but parallel parking still escapes you! Check out this article for the essentials of successful parallel parking.

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Rent a vehicule for your SAAQ road test
Before you have the freedom to drive alone, you must obtain your learner's license. Here are some stress-free tips before taking your SAAQ theory and practice test!
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 Book your car for the final SAAQ exam

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