Controlling reverse parking is possible!

But why do we have to park backwards?

Have you noticed? Most people tend to park backwards. Why are they making life so difficult? It's not at all a question of complicating your life! In fact, we should take their advice.

The reason is simple, it is easier to exit the parking lot from the front afterwards. Who knows what situations you're going to have to go into. Especially if you are often in a hurry!

Moreover, if by misfortune your car decides not to start, you will be in the right position to accommodate a boost or towing of your automobile.

Here are the steps for successful reverse parking:

  1. Check your mirrors, blind spots and turn on the turn signal
  2. Keep a space of 1.5 m with parked cars and yours.
  3. Slightly pass the car parked next to the space where you want to park.
  4. Put the shift lever in the reverse position.
  5. Take a tour of your blind spots.
  6. Look to the rear and start backing up until your car reaches the start of the other car.
  7. Always start turning while staying in motion.
  8. Once the vehicle is perpendicular, turn the steering wheel to return the wheels to a straight line.
  9. Continue to back up in a straight line to the parking lot line.

Parking backwards is the safest and smartest choice. It gets more attention initially, as our headlights are more visible and you are ready to go out in an emergency.


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