SAAQ examination center
de Lachute

Do you need to rent a car soon for your SAAQ exam or do you simply want to plan ahead?

Our company offers car rental service for your practical exam in Lachute!

Rental of a car for a road test at the SAAQ test center located at 505, avenue Bethany, in the Carrefour d'Argenteuil, is offered by the driving school located in the shopping center. You can get to Carrefour d’Argenteuil from Lachute by bus easily.

RENTAL PRICE : 89.99$+ TAX*.
*The rental must be done a minimum of 24 hours before your exam at the SAAQ, for processing purposes.

This rental includes:

  • Insurance coverage for the duration of the exam.
  • The gasoline used.
  • A double brake control for the SAAQ evaluator.
  • A recent vehicle and in excellent mechanical condition for SAAQ inspection.

Did you know that an emergency brake in poor condition, a burnt headlight or a cracked windshield could force you to postpone your road test at the SAAQ. Avoid the hassle and use our car rental service for your final exam! This one will certainly pass the rigorous mechanical evaluation and will avoid you a possible refusal of the SAAQ.

What are the steps for renting a car for the SAAQ exam with

  1. The payment of the reservation of a car is done online on this site.
  2. We assure you of the availability of the reserved car on the day of your SAAQ exam.
  3. At least 30 minutes before your driver's license exam, go to the Société de l'assurance automobile de Lachute to pay your exam fees.
  4. Afterwards, pick up your rental coupon at our driving school, located opposite the SAAQ de Lachute exam center, in the Carrefour d'Argenteuil, at 505 Bethany Avenue, Lachute. You must have on hand:
    • An ID,
    • Proof of payment for your rental online,
    • Your learner's permit number,
  1. Go outside where you will present your rental coupon to the courier on site. He will have the vehicle keys.

The stress of the exam is big enough, put the odds in your favor with a reliable car rental.