Rent a car for you SAAQ road test exam at Henri-Bourassa

Your class 5 SAAQ practice exam is planned soon and you need to rent a car? No worries! We are the solution!

Renting a car for the practical exam at the SAAQ exam center located at 855, boul. Henri-Bourassa Est, is offered by our Ahuntsic car rental center, which is located at 560, boul. Henri-Bourassa O., bureau 100, Montreal, QC H3L 1P4. You can get there by public transport very easily (metro and bus).


This includes :

  • An insurance premium for the duration of the SAAQ exam.
  • The fuel used during the examination.
  • A dual brake control for the SAAQ evaluator.
  • A recent vehicle that is approved by our team to be in perfect condition for the mechanical inspection of the SAAQ.

Please note that if you wish to carry out your practical examination at the SAAQ using your personal vehicle, your vehicle will undergo a rigorous inspection. A simple burned light, a cracked windshield or an emergency brake in bad condition will result in a refusal of the SAAQ and you will have to retake an appointment with a vehicle in perfect mechanical condition.

How does our car rental solution work?

  1. Payment for a car reservation for the SAAQ examination can be made online or at a branch.
  2. We guarantee the availability of the vehicle reserved on the day of your exam.
  3. At least one hour before your exam, pick up your rental coupon at our office, located a 5-minute walk from the SAAQ exam center, at 560, boul. Henri-Bourassa O., bureau 100, Montreal, QC H3L 1P4 You must have on hand:
    1. An ID
    2. Proof of payment for your rental online
  4. Go to the SAAQ on the day of your exam with your rental coupon in hand. The SAAQ assessor will have the keys to the vehicle.

Avoid unpleasant surprises, use our worry free service and rent a car today.