One shot parking success!

Here are the main steps to remember to succeed in parallel parking like a pro.

Find the perfect parking lot

It is true that we are not always spoiled for choice when it comes to finding the place where we are going to park ... However, we must remember that the size of the parking space can really help us. For comparison, visualize an almost empty auditorium: would you sit next to the only two people in the room? What an embarrassment. It's a bit the same here.

Many drivers forget to check the space available for their parking. It is safer to park far away and have enough space to park properly. In addition to giving yourself the opportunity to get some exercise, you actually reduce the risk of an accident with another automobile!

Parallel parking is so complicated!

Our advice? Practice, practice and practice again! No one knows the secret when it comes to parallel parking, just taking your time.

How to do it?

  • Signal your intention!
  • Position your car at the same height as the motorist parked in front of the space you have chosen. Bumper to bumper
  • Turn your wheels towards the side of the road and begin your movement.
  • Are the rear wheels of your vehicle approaching the curb? You can start to point the car's tires to the other side.
  • Take your time and keep a sufficient distance between you cars in front and behind.

You deserve the best practice conditions!

Practice the maneuvers seen in your driving lesson often. Stressful situations to practice, we avoid! So choose the moments of calm to go practice without pressure in a street with little traffic. One, two, three positive experiences quickly build self-confidence and the chances of success in the SAAQ practical exam.

We found this video from a trusted driving school. It clearly demonstrates how parallel parking should be done. Watch it here! (French only)

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