5 tips to pass your SAAQ exam

1. Preparation is key!

After a long week of work or school, it's normal to just want to relax!
However, the exam is fast approaching and without practice, you may have to retake it, and this, accompanied by stress and unpleasant costs.

In order to prevent you from feeling anxious the days before your SAAQ practice test, be sure to prepare yourself a few months before. You will be more likely to have mastered all the maneuvers learned in your driving lessons. You can also schedule a refresher course if needed.

Preparation for the exam involves practice, but also organization. Renting a vehicle for the exam and booking an exam date at the SAAQ should be done in advance. It's much easier to deal with your stress when all the little details are taken care of.

2. Don't trade sleep for coffee.

Not getting enough sleep is not recommended! Driving fatigue affects your ability to drive as well as your performance on your driving test. Stay alert!
Coffee is not the solution to fatigue, at least not while driving a car. It may wake you up ... However, you run the risk of being stressed up, which can hinder your learning.

3. Practice during times of the day when there is less traffic on the roads.

Do you want to practice your driving on the highway? No problem. Don't do it during rush hour ...
Obviously, you will eventually need to test your driving in more stressful situations, this can be done when you are comfortable enough on a road without too much traffic.
Choosing a trusted accompanying rider, who is patient and has enough driving experience to help you get your license is also a good idea.

4. Know your driver profile.

Remember that you are no worse or better than the others who are trying to get their driver's license. You are not perfect behind the wheel and that is perfectly normal. Fortunately, your driving teacher and  accompanying rider are all here to help.

On the contrary, don't be overconfident if you are a natural behind the wheel. Remember that it takes a certain number of hours to learn how to react to various driving situations, and even the most experienced drivers make mistakes!

5 Leave your cellphone at home

... Or at least, turn off the ringer and vibration!

Cellphones behind the wheel is a big no! If the ringer remains on, you can be disturbed and it can stress you to know who wrote or is calling. You will be less attentive, which affects your safety as much as you're learning to pass your learner's license.

So, turn it off, so you don't get distracted by your text, email, or call notifications.

Finally, if you want to avoid more stress for the exam, it's easy. Make sure you often practice in different situations, be realistic about your progress, and avoid distractions and the risk of fatigue.

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