Rent a car for your exam VS take a personal car

The SAAQ mentions that you must "come with a safe vehicle in good mechanical condition. If the check shows that the vehicle is not in good mechanical condition, the practical test cannot take place; you will then have to make another appointment." Source SAAQ.

Let's take a look at the two options available to you!

Take my personal vehicle to take the exam

You would like to save a few dollars and opt for a loved one's vehicle.
Have you thought about insurance? Are you insured on this vehicle if something happens to you?

On the day of your exam, you will have to pass a mechanical inspection carried out by the SAAQ assessor. A faulty turn signal, brake light, or wiper could cost you extra wait time - time to schedule a new exam date. If you are using your vehicle, a visit to the garage may be advisable before taking your exam.

The SAAQ assessor will also have to put up a temporary sign to tell other road users that you are undergoing an examination. Perhaps less appreciated by the owner of the vehicle!

You will also have to pay for gasoline for the vehicle and make sure it is available on the day of the exam.

Rent a car with a rental center for the SAAQ exam

The rental includes gasoline, insurance, and we assure you the availability of the vehicle on the day of your exam. One less stress for sure!

Our vehicles are inspected on a regular basis and ensure that you pass the SAAQ mechanical inspection.

Cars for rent are equipped with a dual-control brake pedal, definitely an advantage! You will have a much more relaxed assessor knowing they can control the vehicle in an emergency.

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