How to pass your practical exam at the SAAQ? (part 1)

Unsure of the answer to this question? Many of you actually do! Obtaining a driver's license is an indisputable freedom and for some it is also an obligation. You want your license to go to school, for your work or any other commitment that requires travel or the requirement to have a class 5 license!

So how do you make sure you don't forget anything?

Tip # 1: Practice is essential.

Review the concepts learned in class during your Road Safety Education Program. Remember the tips and advice from your driving instructor

Do you have as much support as you want by your side? So go for it! Practice, practice, practice!

If not, then the next tip is for you.

Tip # 2: Review without moving!

Your guide is not available, here is an original idea to practice, if it is obviously possible. Ask him to unlock the vehicle, without leaving you the keys. You will be able to tour all the items to check inside the vehicle before setting off: seat, mirror and steering wheel!

On exam day, with all the stress that day brings, a well-reviewed start can help you get back on your feet and your bearings. In this article, we detail the steps to start your practical exam at the SAAQ.

Tip # 3: The Highway Safety Code is your best friend.

Understanding the signage, mastering your checking reflexes, sharing the road, good communication with other road vehicles and anticipating dangers are all important points for a successful exam.

Tip # 4: FOLLOW the speed limits!

That is to say roll ... The term "follow" here is very important. Too much caution and hesitation can also be damaging. Driving 20 km in a 50 km zone may be understandable for a new driver, but it can be dangerous. The reverse is also dangerous in addition to being liable to a fine! Remember that you must obey the speed limits indicated on the road signs. You are not in a Formula 1 race and not behind the wheel of a "Go-Kart"!

Tip # 5: The “big” day with the right documents.

Do you like to run? Maybe not the day of your exam! A week or a few days before your exam, take a few minutes to gather the following documents:

  • If you are borrowing an acquaintance's vehicle, you must have a copy of the registration certificate and proof of insurance;
  • Your learner's license;
  • The certificate of completion from your driving school. Warning! If you have taken your courses in more than one school, please have all the certificates on hand;
  • If you are a minor, have the SAAQ parental consent form, completed and signed by a parent or guardian;

The rest of this article will be online on September 13!


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