SAAQ practical exam, how to get started!

Does that remind you of something? Were you relaxed at the time? Surely not!

We can then say that you started your day badly and the rest is likely to be pretty ordinary too.

So start your exam on the right foot to avoid unnecessary stress. Practice your pre-departure check with these tips:

The condition of the examination vehicle

Start by taking a tour of the vehicle, which you will use for the exam, to check its condition. It is important that this vehicle is in good condition for the examination. A simple cracked mirror or a burnt light could prevent you from passing your exam. You can trust our rental center to rent you an inspected and insured vehicle on the day of your exam. More information here.

The mirror, driver's side

Move the mirror away until you can no longer see the rear wing of the vehicle you are driving. (source : Guide de l'auto)

The mirror, passenger side

Here you should not be able to see the rear wing of your vehicle. By setting the side mirrors far enough apart, blind spots are reduced as much as possible. (source : Guide de l'auto)

The center mirror

When you are in a normal driving position, the center mirror should cover the entire surface of the rear window. To do this, you shouldn't have to move your head, just your eyes, to peek around the back of your vehicle. (source : Guide de l'auto)

Adjust your steering wheel, seat and seat belt

The belt should pass through three points on your body and should not be rolled up. For the steering wheel, simply bring your hands to the "10 o'clock left and 2 o'clock for the right" or "9 o'clock - 3 o'clock" positions on the steering wheel while maintaining a slight flexion of the arms. The rested hands reduce reaction time in the event of an unforeseen event and do not obstruct the lightning deployment of the airbag in the event of a collision. (Source :

Wear good shoes

Flip flops and high heels are probably not the best choices for a driving test. Wear a shoe that is comfortable, holds the foot well, and does not affect your pressure measurement on the accelerator.

In any case, nothing beats a good review of the concepts mentioned above before the day of your SAAQ road test.

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