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Locationautosaaq.com (hereinafter referred to as “SAAQ Montreal Auto Rental”) operates the website www. locationautosaaq.com (hereinafter referred to as "Website"). Use of the Website is governed by the Conditions applicable to online purchases appearing below and by using this site you are bound by the conditions mentioned below. These conditions may be modified at any time by SAAQ Montreal Auto Rental. Auto Rental SAAQ Montreal operates its business and website in Canada, in the province of Quebec. The Website is a website grouping together several companies that offer products or services.

If you make a purchase from this Website, you are bound by the policies of the company with which you made a purchase.

By using the Website, you acknowledge having read and understood these conditions. If you do not want to be bound by these terms, you cannot use the Website and you cannot order products through the Website.


Limitation of liability

Although Location auto SAAQ Montreal does everything possible to ensure that the Website does not contain errors, Location auto SAAQ Montreal declines all responsibility for any error that may appear on the Website. The information found there is the best that we have been able to retain on all the subjects covered. We invite users to tell us about any errors that may have crept in during the design of the Website. Affiliated companies, officers, employees, or representatives of the Website can in no way be held responsible for any damage directly or indirectly related to the use of the Website. The Website and the information it contains are not subject to any warranty, express or implied. Some products may be slightly different from the illustrations.

Companies posted on the website that sell a product or service are fully responsible for the information published, the services offered and the purchases made. The Website brings together companies that offer services or products for sale and it is they who are responsible for online purchases. As an intermediary, Location Auto SAAQ Montreal cannot be held responsible. Any dispute relating to sales or any breach of the conditions of sale applicable to the purchase of products through the SAAQ Montreal Auto Rental Website is the responsibility of each merchant who offers a product or service on the WEB Site.

The transactions are concluded in Quebec and come under the jurisdiction of the laws in Quebec.

Security of transactions

Location auto SAAQ Montréal uses security measures to protect you against the loss or unauthorized use of information about you that will be under the control of the Website, in particular certain personal information such as your contact details (last name, first name, address, phone number and email). For purchases, we only use the service of Paypal, and the Website does not hold or store credit card numbers. Neither the Website, nor the companies that offer their services, can be held responsible for any security breaches that may exist with the Paypal service.

If you are concerned about confidentiality relating to the use of your credit card on the Internet, Location auto SAAQ Montréal invites you to submit your order by phone and speak to a representative by contacting the car rental center for the examination of the SAAQ closest to you here.

Google translation

Please note that the locationautosaaq.com site is translated using Google Translate. For the official version, please consult the French version of this site here.


All prices listed on the Website are expressed in Canadian dollars. The price of the products offered on the Website may differ from the price displayed, in branch, in our rental centers. The price may also vary from time to time depending on market conditions.

Delivery and delivery costs

Auto Rental SAAQ Montreal does not deliver rental receipts. You must arrive at least one hour before your exam in order to collect your rental voucher at your rental center. The rental center being the one selected when purchasing the rental.

Cancellation of an order

To cancel an order placed through the Website, simply contact the rental center where you made the purchase by email or phone.

Return and exchange

Transactions made online are final and non-refundable. If there is a disagreement, you must contact the rental center with which you dealt directly.

Customer Service Contact Information

For any questions about online sales or the status of your order, you can contact the rental center closest to you. Click here to find your rental center.

*This Website accepts no responsibility and disclaims any and all liability for damages that may occur due to outdated or incorrect translations rendered by any third-party services, including Google Translate.