Did you know? You have the right to buy your vehicle, whether it is used or freshly released from the dealer, and this without a license!

However, you must insure it, even if it remains in the garage. What complicates the transaction is that, without a license, you cannot insure your vehicle. To make this possible, you must designate a license holder that will ensure your vehicle and who will accompany you on your outings. 

Indeed, a decree dated August 9, 2017 provides that in order to obtain a licence plate, one must hold a driving license corresponding to the category of the vehicle. The vehicle must also be insured before registration. (source : https://www.lemagdelassurance.com)

During your driving test, you can take your vehicle (which is insured by a tier) or the vehicle of a loved one. However, it is their insurance that covers you. 
When you rent a car from us, we offer you worry free insurance. It's included! So why bother someone you know to borrow their car for you SAAQ test. 


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