How to take your practical exam at the SAAQ? (Part 2)

Tip # 6: Promises of “lift” and big announcements… not before your exam!

Why are you adding additional stress. If you want to tell your group of friends that you are going to take your exam, give them the real surprise: getting your license! This way, you will not have this idea in your head during your exam and the pressure to pass will be less.
The same goes for promises of a road trip or lift on the day of your exam!

Tip # 7: As for your phone, silence please!

Needless to say, you shouldn't drive your cell phone in your hand (at least I hope). Also, keep in mind that smartwatches can be a distraction too.

So the best option is to leave it in your lift car or in your bag, in silent mode, behind the passenger seat.

Tip # 8: The A1 mechanics of the chosen vehicle.

“I'm sorry, but this car doesn't pass our mechanical inspection. "

Going back to another exam date is really not fun. Make sure you have a car in good condition. A simple crack in the windshield or a non-functioning rear turn signal can cost you another week's wait and repair costs. You can also rent a car, insured and duly inspected, directly on our site! You avoid the hassle and on top of that, gasoline is included! More information here.

Tip # 9: Drive for others!

Remember that you are responsible for informing other road users of your intentions. You should also anticipate situations that others might cause. Sharing the road is essential and everyone's vigilance can avoid a lot of trouble.

If you do not feel up to this responsibility and your reflexes are not ready, do not hesitate to ask your rental center to take an additional development course.

Tip # 10: Breathe!

You have a lot to think about during your exam. What is essential to remember, take it one step at a time. Like this article, process the information as you go.

You have all the resources on hand to be successful.

So now take a breath and have a good exam! 


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